Callus Be Gone! My secret footcare treatment!

Alright, so I am going to let you in on a little bit of a personal topic. I have a little (big) dislike (phobia) of other people touching my feet (aka pedicures). It really is most inconvenient especially in summer time because everyone shows of the pretty pedicures and I refuse to get mine done. This really leads me to quite the predicament on a regular basis. Being that I am an avid heel-wearer (3 inch minimum) and constantly being on my feet I am always having to deal with MAJOR CALLUSES! So, you may ask, how do I keep my feet smooth on my own without using blades and or industrial sanding tools? Well, I documented it for you step by step my secret home pedicure!   WARNING, I had to “save up” my calluses for you to just show you the difference of just doing this treatment ONCE (I take NO RESPONSIBILTY for grossing you out). Sometimes you gotta get rid of “ugly” to get “pretty”.

Sooo Here are the BEFORE pictures of the pads of my feet and heels:



Step 1: Spray on Allpresan Callus Softener onto affected areas. In my case the whole foot lol. Spray on enough that covers the foot. Then let it sit for 3 minutes (DON’T WASH OFF)

Step 2: After 3 Minutes, Take a foot file (just a regular one you can buy at any store) and start gently filing the affected areas. THIS IS THE COOLEST (and Grossest) PART!!! You will see all of the dead skin just start to ROLL OFF!! Trust me when I say that you don’t have to go crazy with the paddling. This is another reason why I love this treatment is that it only gets rid of the dead skin, whereas pedicurists sometimes take of healthy skin with the blades and leaves your feet feeling sensitive. Here is what it looks like:


Step 3: Once you have filed away the dead skin and calluses, you are left with nice smooth feet. (NOTE: You may want to do this over a towel or a basin as there WILL be fallout). If you want , you can put on a foot cream (not necessary) but if you do, you should use one that doesn’t contain oils or grease as it will clog the pores or your feet and will only coat the foot and not properly moisturize.

CHECK OUT the AFTER PICS below (This is after only 1 treatment):


This is DEFINITELY the best way that I have seen to get nice soft smooth feet all year long! And for someone who is always on the go, I have no problems waiting only 3 minutes to get rid of weeks/months of buildup. The other thing I like about this is that I don’t have to use strong acidy or oily products, it uses ingredients based on the body’s natural moisturizers.

Well, there you have it, that is how I avoid having strangers carve up, rub up and grease up my feet, but still keep soft baby skin. Hope you enjoyed!!

If you are interested in finding out more information on the Allpresan Callus softener, to find out which Salons use it, or where to purchase it, go to the Allpresan Website ( or Facebook page (

One thought on “Callus Be Gone! My secret footcare treatment!

  1. It looks like it did an awesome job Kristen. Allpresan Callus Softener is one of my favourites in the product line. As a Advanced foot care nurse I have done over 25,000 pairs of feet and would not leave home without Allpresan.

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